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Our Joint Pain Services

Joint pain can limit your movement and have a significant impact on your overall health. Since we are a small provider we can offer treatments based on your needs and lifestyle. 

Platelet rich plasma PRP injection

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment


PRP injections reduce inflammation and promote faster healing

Getting Healthy

Cellular Regenerative Therapy


Injecting a high concentration of growth factors can help heal tissue damage in the region

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy and Bracing


For ongoing support, our partner team at Health by Design may recommend physical therapy and bracing to suppliment treatments

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Nurse Practitioner

Amanda Starr


LOVE LOVE LOVE! Wanted to see what would happen with my migraines and general health. Love the way the IV-therapy makes me feel after and for days after. Have continued to do it on a regular basis, AND she comes to you! So amazing! Can’t beat the time saved.

Kortney Martinez


I want to thank Sheree with IV Fusion for traveling to Denver to help my daughter who suffers from migraines. She has her prescription medications that she takes at onset of migraine but this time was just not helping. Sheree came and evaluated my daughter and was able to administer an IV with medication that helped my daughter.  We are so thankful for her and all she does!! Highley recommended IV therapy!!

Nina Chavez


Sheree is just amazing and knows excatly what she’s doing! She’s so kind and to top it off the GLOW infusion really has worked for me! My acne problem is finally getting tookn care of and I always see results when I get a treatment! I definitely recommend sheree and the infusions.

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Same Day Appointments are Available

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