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How Mobile IV Therapy Works

Step 1

Select your treatments and supplements

Step 2

Schedule or call for your appointment 

Step 3

Our team arrives at the scheduled time. 

IV Therapy Packages

Our unique targeted therapies combine needed fluids, vitamins, eletrolytes, and medications to support your holistic health. Select your treatments and take the first step in achieving your optimal health and wellness today. 

Immune Boost Treatment

Mobile I.V. Hydration Therapy


Recieve an infusion of immune boosting vitamins and minerals.

Shorten the life-span of common illnesses, or if you catch it early enough, give your body the extra boost it needs to combat the symptoms.

Brain Repair & Wellness

Mobile IV Hydration Therapy


NAD+ has been shown to improve mental clarity, alterness, concentration and memory.

Nad can also be used for improving athletic performance, and alleviating the withdrawal symptoms from substance abuse

Hangover Therapy

Mobile I.V. Hydration Therapy


It was worth it. We can have you feeling better in less than an hour.

Our Revive treatment is just the answer to flush your system and replace those essential vitamins and minerals so you can feel like yourself again. 

Recovery and Performance

Mobile IV Hydration Therapy


Have a big event coming up?

This cocktail will help fuel your performance while helping you recover quickly. It’s designed to give you that extra boost to fuel your personal records and helping you recover for the next event.

Add On's & Injections

Mobile IV Hydration Therapy

Price Varies

Don’t see what you want?

Nurse Practitioners can assess your symptoms and add vitamins and minerals to help treat your current symptoms. We carry an inventory of injections to treat weight and energy loss as well.

Why Infusion IV Therapy


Nurse Practitioner

Have a Nurse Practitioner come to you to administer treatment. They can meet your healthcare needs as a Nurse Practitioner.


Mobile Service

Healthcare made convenient. Recieve IV hydration therapy or other medical services without leaving your dwelling. 


Fast Treatments

Our treatments typically take around 30 minutes getting you back on track quick! Take on the day with mobile IV Therapy.



Nothing is more convenient than having a healthcare professional come to you. We specialize in mobile healthcare!



With over 20 years experience our Nurse Practitioner has seen it all. We are certified to administer IV therapy and other health services.


No Extra Fees

What you see is what you pay. 

Amanda Starr


LOVE LOVE LOVE! Wanted to see what would happen with my migraines and general health. Love the way the IV-therapy makes me feel after and for days after. Have continued to do it on a regular basis, AND she comes to you! So amazing! Can’t beat the time saved.

Kortney Martinez


I want to thank Sheree with IV Fusion for traveling to Denver to help my daughter who suffers from migraines. She has her prescription medications that she takes at onset of migraine but this time was just not helping. Sheree came and evaluated my daughter and was able to administer an IV with medication that helped my daughter.  We are so thankful for her and all she does!! Highley recommended IV therapy!!

Rob Claybon


I started using mobile IV therapy for general wellness. My sister was getting married (family only wedding) so I wanted a covid rapid test before hand and after. Sheree came to my house and administered the tests. Turns out she’s a nurse practitioner as well! Thanks for your flexibility Sheree!

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Same Day Appointments are Available

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